A Blind Date that Rocked My World

A Blind Date that Rocked My World

A Blind Date That Rocked My World


I was forced into a blind date out of no choice of my own. In fact, I was minding my own business, happy, and comfortable, but she was coming to town, to my house in fact, and I had no choice. I began to prepare and brace myself, I love a strong encounter, but my date had a reputation for not only being strong, but overbearing, aggressive, intimidating and ruthless. she was known for taking what she wanted, when she wanted it.

In the week prior to her arrival, I stayed anxious; I tidied up, filled the cupboards, checked on her travel plans often, even considered running, but instead, I waited; hoping her plans would change and my life, as I knew it, could simply resume.

Although her plans had wavered a bit, she blew into town effortlessly at first, we danced by candlelight and just as I thought, ‘she’s not so bad’ she showed her dark side and like a bad sci fi movie, she twisted and turned and wreaked havoc on my comfortable life leaving destruction in her wake.

This morning, she is gone, a one-night stand by all accounts. As it turned out, she had a date in every port.  My experience with her was slight, but she pulled me out of my complacency and forced me to take stock of what makes my life fabulous.  Others did not fair as well and she left them heartbroken, but I pray not broken. Irma, you may have rocked our world, but you cannot shake our joy.

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