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Hyles Anderson College - Bachelors
Dianne Horncastle experience speaker, professional trainer, training director

Fueled with a passion and love for people development coupled with 30 years of experience and tools, Dianne is a seasoned speaker and coach who has spent three decades committed to the personal and professional development of herself and others. She is a developer-of-people and uses her skills to help individuals discover and advance their personal, unique talents.

Dianne’s strength of “learning” fuels her own desire for personal and professional growth and in turn fuels her calling. With an overwhelming ability to connect content to real life stories, Dianne quickly engages audiences and moves them to laughter, connectedness and next steps.

Dianne’s belief in each person’s unique and personal greatness is what drives her to encourage and challenge people to celebrate their own path, identify their individual “Next Best Step” and “Own Their Own Success”.

As a young adult, fresh from college, Dianne found herself presenting to groups of 500+ physicians on healthcare fraud and abuse and fell in love. Not with a physician, but with engaging audiences.

Her career has taken her across the US, to facilitate and motivate professional change within corporations and people. She has developed and delivered hundreds of presentations both technical and skills based; from software skills, to sales skills, to customer service, to employee empowerment, to team building to healthcare reform and more.

Today, Dianne focuses her energy specifically on guiding intentional-learners to their ‘Next Best Step’ forward toward their own personal greatness.

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80% of US workers report working outside of their strengths (talents) everyday.  This is crazy!! No wonder people hate their job. Working outside of your strengths is like working in pure discipline all day; literally internal turmoil all day.

When leaders uncover their own and their team’s strengths and work to focus those strengths daily, not only are teams 12.5% more productive, they breeze through the day, happy, less stressed and easily identify opportunities for improved efficiency.

Bottom line, investing-in and focusing-on employees’ talents boosts employee and customer engagement. That’s going to increase your bottom line!

I absolutely love this question!  Simply put, when people are at their best, they deliver their best. They are more efficient, more productive and more present.

But even more, corporations that invest in their employees, often enjoy a more positive corporate culture and more engaged employees. Engaged employees delight customers that return often and improve the corporate bottom line.

When anyone takes the time to self-assess themselves and make even the smallest change for the better, they improve both their personal and professional life.  Every relationship they share is better because they personally are better.

I love leading good conversation from the front of the room.  Learning and growing from the experience in the room.

The best groups are twofold; those that are open and willing to share their experience and their thoughts as topics unfold, and those that are open to new content and ready to “stretch” and challenge their current thinking.

A new word in the training world is Social Learning.  I had to look it up when I first saw it. Simply put, it is the sharing of ideas and experiences among peers to encourage learning. This concept is not new, great trainers (and leaders) have been doing it for years. When we value people and their experiences whatever we are doing becomes richer. Every trainer should use (on purpose) the vast array of experience that sits in their classroom; it is an amazing resource.

People development is not an exact science, since people are so different.  There are many times I don’t know exactly what might work for one person or another, I may only have an opinion. I turn the question to the group; a hardy discussion charged with experience, knowledge and even some challenge, will always give way to a few good answers.

There are so many things that I love, but I especially love when groups work together and discover their own truths.  I love to see light bulbs go off for people and I absolutely love to hear what each person has identified as their ‘Next Best Step’ forward.

So much has changed, technology especially.  Probably one of the biggest changes is how the smart phone plays into classroom training.  I used to use video camera equipment worth hundreds of dollars; today every student brings a video camera with them to class.  I encourage the use of the internet, camera and video during class.

This is a loaded question. But bottom line, employees rarely leave companies, they leave bad bosses.

51% of new managers feel unprepared for their job and 60% will fail within 2 years.

Great leaders are not born, they are made through training, practice, coaching, failure, success, training practice, coaching, failure, success, training, practice, coaching, failure, success… you get the picture.

Companies should consider the huge cost of losing high-potential employees at the hands of a floundering (but often well-intentioned) manager. The cost of training and coaching is much less.

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  • Mary Quinlan-Hoyle, Independent Contractor, Developer, Trainer, Virtual Assistant

    Dianne is a visionary who sees business and life through new eyes. She sees what could be when the rest of the world doesn’t see the possibility.  Dianne presents that vision to the client with enthusiasm and business savvy. She is able to identify training needs by asking questions that go beyond the scope of the original vision.  She asks questions to get answers that the client hasn’t even thought of yet!

    Her execution and delivery of training material is excellent.  Dianne is engaging as a trainer and speaker, keeping her audience entertained as well as relaying relevant and important information.  She encourages her students to not just learn, but to grasp, hold on and utilize what they learned in her class.  Her positive attitude and personality beams.

  • Todd Peeples, VP IT/CIO

    Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union

    Dianne has the skills and aptitude to help your organization be successful. As Training Director. Dianne came into the organization revamping the training program, starting new training programs, and increasing enthusiasm organization wide through her initiatives. She could be relied on for creative ideas and solutions.

    Dianne is bright and personable, highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to.

  • Gabby Woods, Event Coordinator

    Walton Area Chamber of Commerce

    Diane was great in both speaking engagements she did for our Chamber members. Our members were extremely engaged and truly enjoyed Diane’s insight. We received great feedback from many members and would definitely recommend Diane to anyone looking for an energetic, engaging and informative speaker

  • Michael Basch

    Executive, Business Owner, Author

    Dianne has the rare ability to engage the audience and get them fully involved and present. As a result, the people she facilitates become more creative, solve difficult problems and grow in the process. As a seasoned executive and a founder and Sr. VP of FedEx for their first 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of facilitators, trainers and presenters. I rank Dianne on the top of the list because of her unique ability to quickly relate to the audience and get them to have fun solving often very difficult team and individual growth issues.

  • Ben Olivarez

    Dianne is an inspiration; she always takes the extra steps.  Her guidance pushed me to strive for more than, just enough.  She easily finds uniqueness in each person and connects at the level needed.  Dianne taught me well and inspire me.

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