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To become the leading advocate in advancing rights and opportunities for all girls and employ a proven, dynamic model to empower 250,000 girls from low-income communities to discover their strengths and thrive.

I have long believed that a consultant’s role (like any leader) is not to tell an organization what they should do, but rather to guide them to discover what they clearly understand and are ready to do for themselves. I would like to do that for girls inc.

Thank you for your time and consideration.Thanks Dianne


Summary of Project

Girls inc. is in need of a learning and development consultant who can lead their team and help prepare a learning strategy that will take their current training program to the next level and allow them to move boldly into the future.  Loosely this includes:

  • Identifying what is working well, as well as current challenges
  • Create a plan to systematize and centralize training
  • Create a four-year learning development strategic plan that aligns staff development with the corporate strategic plan
  • Expand and invest in leadership locally and nationally
  • Develop staff and volunteers
  • Strengthen and grow network affiliates and girls served
  • Harness volunteer passion
  • Further track the impact of programs

Executive Summary

Your Next Best StepWhat I love about the girls inc. corporate strategic plan is the solid acknowledgement that people development is essential to success and that this team of people are their greatest assets. To meet this very lofty goal, it will take the entire team, a team that must be at their very best; prepared, practiced, passionate and BOLD.

You currently have a very successful and proven program to engage, motivate and prepare girls to become their very best selves. I propose that girls inc. execute the same logic in developing their leadership and team development plan. I believe the very approach and understanding for learning that girls inc. has used to empower girls is the exact same approach that will empower, engage and motivate their internal team.

Few organizations have at their very core a model for learning and for guiding an individual to their next best step of personal effectiveness as does girls inc.  That very same model is essential to building a strong and effective team and most organizations rarely experience it.

Most organizations put “training” plans in place that focus on content rather than context. This leaves training in a vacuum and rarely does it effectively impact the day-to-day connections or operations.

Learning should be a mindful effort, the way it is with the girls. Learning opportunities happen daily, weekly and monthly via:

  • Conversations, communications and meetings
  • Leaders and teams use informal and formal coaching and mentoring regularly
  • Classes, articles, videos and online modules connect content to “how to” & “why”

Failures are never failures, they are lessons. Differences, misunderstandings and decisions are opportunities to discuss the mission, vision or goal at hand. Leaders empower staff with the opportunity to figure it out on their own.


Method of Approach

Discovery is one of the most important pieces of any project. Identifying the current situation not only identifies the baseline, but also allows for all (or  most) team members to share their personal view of the corporation.

The outcome can at times be eye-opening; leaders may discover situations they were not aware of or team members with great insight or potential.

Discovery will give us a place to start. Identifying what your corporation currently does very well, superior processes that are working in one location but going unknown to other locations and where opportunities might be being missed.

All solutions start with discovery. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Project goals meeting: 1 – 2 hours with stakeholders discussing all dimensions of the project and identifying key priorities or concerns
  • Interviews: All or most team members will be interviewed. 30 – 60 minute private interviews that will encourage team members to be candid and forthcoming with wishes, ideas and concerns as they pertain to the project goals
  • Review girls program: Work with girls program trainers, developers and mentors to identify pieces that might be incorporated into development plan
  • Synthesize discovery: All data derived from interview is analyzed for common themes, big and small opportunities and a solid baseline
  • Discovery overview meeting: 1 – 2 hours with stakeholders reviewing discovery and agreeing on next steps


Building the development plan will require a diverse team. Using a team from all corporate levels and experiences will ensure that all team members are representedbuild-a-plan in the discussions and that the end result is not a forced solution but a collaborative solution.

Building will require energy, passion, honesty and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Full group project review: Identified key staff, affiliates and stakeholders will meet as a full group to review discovery outcome and key concepts as identified by stakeholders. This team will share a quick brainstorming of ideas to generate energy, passion and beginning ideas for each concept. The team will be broken into smaller groups that will then work together for the next 4 – 6 weeks developing the concept
  • Smaller group meetings: Each group will meet weekly via 1.5 hour video conference and share, brainstorm and identify next steps in individual project
  • Full group check-in: 2 – 3 full group video conference meetings will be used to allow small groups to share progress of concept development, get additional ideas or voice concerns
  • Communication plan: Each group will identify a communication plan to move their project forward to the full girls inc team. Build tools, programs or processes for communication
  • Measuring Success: Each group will identify what success looks like and how it will be measured. Build tools or incorporate existing tools to measure success regularly

Based on the final outcomes of all concepts, a high-level learning plan will be delivered.

Each plan piece will include:

  • Description of program or process
  • What success would look like
  • What goal or corporate strategy this solution meets
  • Expected impact of this initiative
  • Necessary resources: time, budget, work force
  • Projected start and completion dates
  • Possible road blocks to be aware of or that must be addressed
  • Communication plan
  • Measurement of successlearning-plan

Learning Management System (LMS)
Demos & Selection

  • Identify 3 – 5 LMS systems that may meet the priorities as outlined
  • Research each system and create a beginning comparison report
  • Schedule demos of each system with decision makers
  • Document best practices, limitations and future abilities for each system
  • Cost analysis / budget report
  • Assess referrals
  • Assist in the decision-making process wherever necessary

Expected Results

At the end of this project, girls inc. will have:

  • Synthesized report of discovery
  • Categorized list of all wishes and ideas provided by interviewees during discovery
  • Storyboard of each initiative that outlines expected results, ideas left on the table and possible adds for the future

  • LMS document to include identified
    • Priorities
    • Nice-to-have
    • Possibilities for future
    • Competitive comparison
    • Specific LMS demo notes (best practices, concerns, future enhancements, limitations) identified during demonstrations and testing

  • Detailed learning strategy plan by
    • Topic
    • Audience
    • Learning format
    • Necessary resources
    • Timing for pieces
    • Measurement of success

  • A plan to communicate and facilitate changes
  • A plan and process to measure success

Expectations for Success

To ensure the success of this project, it will be important that the identified key staff, selected affiliates and stakeholders consider this project a high priority. Due to the quick movement and expectations of the project, it will be critical that agreed upon tasks are completed on time and meetings be attended as scheduled.

Contact Information

Dianne Horncastle
Owner / Chief People Officer
Your Next Best Step

3128 Wood Valley Rd.
Panama City, FL 32405

Why I fit with girls inc.

I am a seasoned speaker, consultant, trainer, developer and coach of 30 years. I spent 20+ years as an independent consultant, facilitator, and training professional. For the past 8 years, I have worked in training leadership; successfully developing training plans and programs for corporate teams, leadership and new hires. In May 2016, I started my own business fueled with a passion for helping move leadership teams and individuals forward in their own personal effectiveness.

I have a unique blend of talents that allow me to easily move from organizational development to course-ware development to facilitator, trainer, speaker.

I am comfortable working with learning management systems (LMS) to administer, design and create course-ware.  I have researched, compared, selected and contracted with LMS providers.

Prior to knowing about this job, I was in contact with our local girls inc director setting up a discussion to consider a “girls & moms symposium”. In Oct. 2016 I initiated and worked to bring an Australian Documentary, “Embrace” to a local theater to empower women to be bold and move past the “body” baggage they carry. I am passionate about being powerful and bold in life; knowing your unique talents, your unique passions and identifying the unique part you play in this world.

Please see my personal profile for more details

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