How Much of a Good Thing is Just Too Much?

How Much of a Good Thing is Just Too Much?

gelato2If we are talking about mint chocolate chip gelato, I am not sure I know the answer.  In fact, I envision myself with the small tub in hand, wrapped with a cloth napkin to absorb the condensation. My long iced-tea spoon, ever so daintily relishing one small bite after another, vowing that this one bite will be the last. But of course, it is not. I smooth the remaining gelato out in the tub, visually measuring my indulgence, checking the carton for calorie count, but again taking one last bite… or is it.

My experience with gelato is like my experience with self-help, just one more bite. This may seem odd coming from me, someone who has spent 30 years feeding people more, more, more through training, speaking and coaching, but the truth is, it might be too much. When do we stop searching and start doing? When do we stop looking to experts for answers and start trusting the truth we already know? When do we stop looking for a quick fix and realize we have everything we need?

God gave each of us unique gifts as well as intuition, intellect, ego, and emotion; once we recognize the unique sound of the voices in our head, we can begin to trust, at our very core, our own truth. What is right for us.

I certainly am not saying stop discovering new information, that’s like career suicide for me. What I am saying is in the pursuit of discovery trust YOU and work to distinguish ‘What Makes Your Great’.

In addition to what makes you great are many wonderful things we can’t get enough of; hugs, praise, love, smiles and mint chocolate chip gelato.

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