How to be the MacGyver of Leadership

How to be the MacGyver of Leadership

I am working on a presentation right now that I will deliver at the end of April for two transportation conferences, I named it;

– using what you have at your disposal –

I am absolutely loving this presentation.  It is about knowing your own talents and the talents of your teams to ensure you are using everything you have at your disposal. Below are a few points from the presentation you might be interested in.

  • Most of us don’t know our natural talents, they have come to us so easily that we often assume everyone has the same talents. Not true, we are all unique and there is a 1 in 1.33 million chance that someone else has your exact talents.
  • Very generally, if talents were categorized into four groups they might look like this:

strength domains


Now imagine every owner, leader and team member wore a sign that identified where they found their most productive energy, where they work with ease. How valuable would that be to you as a leader when putting work schedules and project teams together?

Talents are not labels, they are tools, ‘MacGyver’ tools that allow leaders to improve how their organization functions.  When corporations dare to move from a weakness-fixing organization to a talent-focused organization, they will enjoy improved productivity, greater efficiency, new levels of engagement, higher retention rates, and overwhelming corporate improvement.

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