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Your Next Best Step
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strive for excellenceMost leaders strive for excellence;

they work to be a leader people love to work for. From the very start, most have the deck stacked against them; primarily because they are promoted based on their exceptional performance, not their exceptional leadership skill.

Being a leader takes specific skills that don’t necessarily come naturally. In fact, Gallup, Inc. reports that only 1 in 10 people have the “natural talents” to be a great leader. That’s why trying to copy another leaders style, regardless of how successful they are, just doesn’t work.  It is not until managers discover their own amazing gifts and dare to ‘Step’ into them that they become great leaders.

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One or all four of the Leadership Programs outlined below.  These programs are designed to help leaders discover their own unique leadership style and to give them ideas, tools, and opportunities to practice that style.

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four leadership programs
Leadership Foundation Program

Leadership Foundation – Participants will spend these classes discovering variations in leadership theories and styles and identifying their own personal styles.

Strengths Based Leadership

Strengths-Based Leadership – Participants will explore in-born talents and the roll they plan in leadership and success.

Leadership Program Influencing Teams

Influencing Teams & Others – Participants will discuss listening and communication skills. The importance of effective communication in presentations and meetings, as well as how to facilitate innovative thinking.

Leadership Program Coaching

Coaching and Employee Development – Participants will learn and practice coaching skills and put plans in place to begin employee coaching, performance plans, establishing goals, expectations and high potential development.

leading a powerful team

Before you are a leaderLeading a POWERFUL Team

Why is it, while one team moves together like a “well-oiled machine”, the next is best described as a bumper car attraction? And, just about the time the bumps are worked out, change happens.

What can we do as leaders and business owners to ensure teams are most productive, efficient and well… ”well-oiled”?

Every team requires its own unique blend of fuel, oil and engine power. And let’s face it, most of the time teams are not a ‘new-from-the-factory’ machine, but more of a refurbished machine; a machine that has memories of not only past success, but of pain and, of course, the experience of being ‘overhauled’. Let’s stop talking machines and start talking people. The truth is, when it’s good, it’s so good, when it’s bad… Yikes. What can you do?

Begin to identify what makes each person GREAT, what they personally bring to the game and how are you recognizing and coaching their strengths? One-size-fits all does not work for your customers and it does not work for your team. When you engage your team, they in-turn delight your customer who not only return often, but tell their friends of their delightful experience.

  • Mary Quinlan-Hoyle, Independent Contractor, Developer, Trainer, Virtual Assistant

    Dianne is a visionary who sees business and life through new eyes. She sees what could be when the rest of the world doesn’t see the possibility.  Dianne presents that vision to the client with enthusiasm and business savvy. She is able to identify training needs by asking questions that go beyond the scope of the original vision.  She asks questions to get answers that the client hasn’t even thought of yet!

    Her execution and delivery of training material is excellent.  Dianne is engaging as a trainer and speaker, keeping her audience entertained as well as relaying relevant and important information.  She encourages her students to not just learn, but to grasp, hold on and utilize what they learned in her class.  Her positive attitude and personality beams.

  • Todd Peeples, VP IT/CIO

    Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union

    Dianne has the skills and aptitude to help your organization be successful. As Training Director. Dianne came into the organization revamping the training program, starting new training programs, and increasing enthusiasm organization wide through her initiatives. She could be relied on for creative ideas and solutions.

    Dianne is bright and personable, highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to.

  • Gabby Woods, Event Coordinator

    Walton Area Chamber of Commerce

    Diane was great in both speaking engagements she did for our Chamber members. Our members were extremely engaged and truly enjoyed Diane’s insight. We received great feedback from many members and would definitely recommend Diane to anyone looking for an energetic, engaging and informative speaker

  • Michael Basch

    Executive, Business Owner, Author

    Dianne has the rare ability to engage the audience and get them fully involved and present. As a result, the people she facilitates become more creative, solve difficult problems and grow in the process. As a seasoned executive and a founder and Sr. VP of FedEx for their first 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of facilitators, trainers and presenters. I rank Dianne on the top of the list because of her unique ability to quickly relate to the audience and get them to have fun solving often very difficult team and individual growth issues.

  • Ben Olivarez

    Dianne is an inspiration; she always takes the extra steps.  Her guidance pushed me to strive for more than, just enough.  She easily finds uniqueness in each person and connects at the level needed.  Dianne taught me well and inspire me.

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