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Steve Milizia, Corporate Rep
Ranger Design

ENERGETIC, INCLUSIVE, ENCOURAGING…Dianne has the ability to take your gut feeling and put an empowering label to it! Her energy is infectious and fun!

Gabby Woods, Event Coordinator
Walton Area Chamber of Commerce

Diane was great in both speaking engagements she did for our Chamber members. Our members were extremely engaged and truly enjoyed Diane’s insight. We received great feedback from many members and would definitely recommend Diane to anyone looking for an energetic, engaging and informative speaker

Todd Peeples
VP IT/CIO, Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union

I am writing this letter to recommend Dianne Horncastle. I believe that she has the skills and aptitude to help your organization be successful.

Dianne and I began working together in 2013 at Tyndall Federal Credit Union where she was the Training Director. She came into the organization revamping the training program, starting new training programs, and increasing enthusiasm organization wide through her initiatives.

In my role in IT and Project Management, Dianne and I had varied interactions for situations around my staff’s training, training for new projects and software, business process discussions, and the like. She was willing to take on new challenges and have difficult conversations when needed. She didn’t shy away from the problematic items while providing passion for what she was working on. She could be relied up for creative ideas and solutions.

Dianne is bright and personable. At Tyndall, we implemented new systems routinely that required new training. She quickly learned the new technology and provided guidance to others. Additionally, she completed her related items for these projects with high quality.

She is highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to. She welcomes new opportunities and meets deadlines as presented to her.

Mary Quinlan-Hoyle
Independent Contractor, Developer, Trainer, Virtual Assistant

I have known and worked with Dianne Horncastle, Chief People Officer of Your Next Best Step, for over 10 years.

Dianne is a visionary who sees business and life through new eyes. She sees what could be when the rest of the world doesn’t see the possibility.  Dianne presents that vision to the client with enthusiasm and business savvy. She is able to identify training needs by asking questions that go beyond the scope of the original vision.  She asks questions to get answers that the client hasn’t even thought of yet!

Her execution and delivery of training material is excellent.  Dianne is engaging as a trainer and speaker, keeping her audience entertained as well as relaying relevant and important information.  She encourages her students to not just learn, but to grasp, hold on and utilize what they learned in her class.  Her positive attitude and personality beams!

Dianne follows up and considers the evaluation process as important as the planning process.

As a team member, Dianne not only encourages her co-workers, but challenges them to do better, be better. She cares about people’s development and empowers them along their journey.

I would highly recommend Dianne Horncastle as you consider Your Next Best Step!

Laura Rendel
Business Owner / Operations Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Dianne Horncastle for more than a year collaborating on various training projects in the financial industry. As a small business owner responsible for training and having been employed for over thirty years at various financial institutions, she impressed me with her succinct ability to hone in on a training deficit and design a complete program to address the issue. Dianne has an extraordinary talent to identify specific training needs and to design a training strategy to accomplish both short term and long term goals. I have worked with Dianne on many organizational projects where she proficiently recognized, designed, trained and reinforced the project objectives to the staff at large. The exceptional quality of her leadership training and soft-skill classes set her well above more highly touted names in the personal development and coaching business. Dianne’s energy and positive outlook make the training sessions not only informative but enjoyable and a pleasure to attend.

I would thoroughly recommend Dianne for any type of development, coaching or soft-skills training that is desired. Her skills, drive for excellence and ability to communicate at any level make Dianne a rare commodity and exceptional life coach.

Michael Basch
Senior Executive

I was fortunate to work with Dianne for several years in her role as a Service Impact trainer/ facilitator. She is an artist in this role. Dianne has the rare ability to engage the audience and get them fully involved and present. As a result, the people she facilitates become more creative, solve difficult problems and grow in the process.

An example of her facilitation skills was with a number of mid-level managers of a major insurance company.  This representative team was attempting to develop and name a program that would engage 600 claims processors in improving service and productivity.  Her facilitation led to a program entitled “Won by One”.

After several weeks of development, any one of the hundreds of employees when asked who the “one” was would reply “it’s me, it’s my direct team, it’s our division and it’s our company and the winning is when we become “one” for our clients, for our owners and for each other.”

Dianne has the knack of getting people to work together effectively which often can be quite difficult depending on the team’s history together.

As a seasoned executive and a founder and Sr. VP of FedEx for their first 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of facilitators, trainers and presenters. I rank Dianne on the top of the list because of her unique ability to quickly relate to the audience and get them to have fun solving often very difficult team and individual growth issues.

I highly recommend Dianne for any job function involving group process.

Robert S. Borrelli
Learning and Development Specialist, Tyndall Federal Credit Union

I am writing on behalf of Dianne Horncastle.  I have known Dianne for nearly two years and worked under her direction for over a year.  In this time, I have witnessed firsthand her knowledge, leadership, and communication expertise that she displays in both her professional and personal life.  Because of this I can confidently give her my highest recommendation.

As Director of Training with Tyndall Federal Credit she organized a quality training department that focused on employee growth, empowerment, and skills development.  She was responsible for implementing a successful “Intentional Growth” series designed to engage employees in their personal development by focusing on communication, strengths assessment, and job skills training.  She designed curriculums and delivered presentations geared to staff at every organizational level.  Far from being static, Dianne continuously implemented the latest research and delivery methods to ensure training was accessible for all learning styles.

I personally witnessed her continued attention to detail as she composed internal communications to ensure staff remained abreast of policy, procedure, and product changes on a regular basis.  She is well versed in course design methodologies that engage participants and she holds advanced knowledge of essential software designed for developing training curriculums and webinars that are interactive and engaging.

Not only is she an excellent course designer, but she excels at evaluating learners to ensure that takeaways coincide with the desired objectives of her training.  These skills are coupled with certifications in strength-based coaching and sales training that provide her the knowledge to assess individual strengths to deliver dynamic training to meet any organizational need.

As a director, manager and trainer, Dianne has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to individual and corporate learning and development.  These experiences, coupled with her continued education and numerous certifications, make her a valuable asset to any organization with a serious commitment to training and development.

In sum, it is because of these qualities that Dianne has my very highest recommendation. She will undoubtedly bring value as a coach, leader, trainer, and/or developer to your organization.

Denise Colaruotolo
Consultant, Smola Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Dianne as Corporate Sales Manager while in my role as Director of Key Accounts with Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. Dianne was an integral member of the sales leadership team, she provided valuable insight identifying employee needs and position them as experts in their roles. Dianne’s training and development plan was based on her specific and frequent interaction with the sales leaders and sales team. She was proactive in identifying and assessing individual and departmental needs.

She worked collaboratively with subject matters experts to create curriculum and was extremely proficient at delivering the training. Dianne is a skilled and talented trainer both in the classroom or providing one on one coaching. Dianne consistently realized positive results. Throughout my 25-year career within the

insurance industry and 3 years in the training industry, I have worked with many trainers and based on my experience, I can confidently recommend Dianne.

She understands the sales process, expertly defines needs and always delivers on her commitments.

Leola Jean Davis
Organizational Development Director, Xerox Corporation

I met Dianne at Xerox Corporation Rochester, NY as she demonstrated products of her business venture. I was immediately impressed by Dianne’s professionalism, enthusiasm, organization and creativity.  She represented herself and her business quite well.

As the conversation ensued, I learned that she had previous experience as a Quality and Organizational Manager and found that her skills were just what I needed to host a team-building and motivational enhancement day for my staff.

Dianne accepted the challenge and faxed a work plan and agenda to me within 4 hours. Dianne completely planned the day from start to finish; it was as though she were a part of our staff, although we had known her only a couple of weeks.  Her attention to the details of our requirements resulted in a very successful day.

Dianne is personable with very strong interactive skills and communicates at whatever level necessary. She is also knowledgeable of the business environment and is proficient using technology.

Dianne is a role model for success.

Lynn Williams
Director of Sales, Excellus BCBS

I especially appreciate Dianne’s fun personality and willingness to help anyone who asks.Her ability to understand the sales team’s mentality and develop training tools to accommodate such a complicated bunch of people is a true talent! Her constructive criticism and ability to make training as fun as it could be will be missed. Most of the training tools Dianne developed will continue to be used for years to come.

Nick Jay
Learning and Development Specialist, Tyndall Federal Credit Union

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Dianne for several years from the perspective of a student, colleague and finally mentee. Dianne has an uncanny ability to connect with others I haven’t seen before, regardless of their walk of life. Whether it is pushing through a leadership challenge or guiding you through another one of life’s lessons, she’s always there to help you take your next step.”

Nina A. Van De Lister
Quality Assurance Manager, Spinco Metal Products

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Dianne Horncastle. Spinco began an ambitious company-wide training program during the second quarter of 2007. Dianne Horncastle was contracted to provide the initial training course and remains the preferred trainer for our employee development agenda.

Dianne is engaging, dynamic and highly committed to the art of communication. Her particular style is consistent and meets all criteria; yet, she infuses humor and weaves real-life stores that can be applied inside and outside of the classroom.

The best compliment that our employees gave Dianne is that they learned information that made a difference in their lives.

I am delighted to recommend Dianne and certain that your organization shall be equally pleased.

Dana Teeter
Member Service Rep, Tyndall Federal Credit Union

Dianne has had an amazing impact on my life.  She believed in me and motivated me to not only follow my dreams but to find the courage to make them come true.  She has taught me to make the most of every situation and to do so with a positive attitude.

Ben Olivarez
Reports and Analytics, Excellus BCBS

Dianne is an inspiration; she always takes the extra steps.  Her guidance pushed me to strive for more than, just enough.  She easily finds uniqueness in each person and connects at the level needed.  Dianne taught me well and inspire me.


Terry Godfrey
National Account Service Consultant at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

Dianne is not only the Manager of the Sales Training Department within the entire Excellus cross regional corporation, she is also a very hands-on, involved trainer. She supports our entire division with expertise in interpreting and training on many subjects ranging from Health Care Reform to conversion and implementation on new systems. Dianne brings an enthusiastic, high energy, and devoted analytical attitude, which is greatly appreciated within and outside of the National Account Sales and Local Sales Divisions of our Corporation.

Tom Sheridan
Vice President, Training, Eagle Productivity Solutions

Dianne Horncastle is an exceptional trainer who served as an independent contractor with Eagle Productivity Solutions.

Dianne consistently met the standards of excellence necessary for partnerships and client relationships that include: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Merck, and Johnson & Johnson.

Dianne repeatedly mastered difficult multi-day curriculum and, as a result, became a resource for several other trainers. If you are looking for a candidate who will generate outstanding results; you will do no better than Dianne Horncastle.

Richard D. Marsden
District Director, Boy Scouts of America Otetiana Council, Inc.

I have known Dianne only a short time. but in that time I have seen how she enthusiastically tackles every challenge. She is a joy to all who meet and work with her. Dianne is a take charge individual In the nicest sense. She makes everyone in a room feel that they are first on her list She is patient, understanding, caring, and gets the job done.

Dianne has recently taken a struggling Cub Scout Pack under her own Pack’s wing, and will be nurturing this Unit throughout the summer months until it can be self-sufficient.

Dianne has many talents and much inner joy. Thank you for letting me briefly tell you something about one truly outstanding leader, Dianne Horncastle.

Carolyn Green
Account Service Manager, Excellus BCBS

I cannot articulate the enormous support Dianne has been not only to me but to my entire team.  Her knowledge and depth for any given task has been amazing.  She has shown me that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is indeed attainable and has enriched my life with her wisdom.  Thank you for being a mentor and friend

Rachael A Burroughs
Sales Consultant, Excellus BCBS

Dianne taught me to “go deeper”… She is best know for saying “Tell me more”.  I love that she wants to know the full picture and provide the best solution. She has taught me how to create a story and weave it through my entire presentations, to be comfortable in my own skin and to bring ME to the table. Dianne has truly been an asset to myself and the team.

Sales Consultant, Excellus BCBS

Dianne’s enthusiasm toward helping to educate is amazing.  Her tenacity at making sure we are prepared for anything thrown at us is a blessing.