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Your Next Best Step
Your Next Best Step

How to Do More of What You Love?

As leaders, we often find ourselves buried in tasks that are not what we enjoy most.  Running a business, or a team, quite often takes us away from the very thing we went into business to do. Building an amazing leadership team is number one in getting back to doing what you love to do.  Next is aiming your in-born talents toward your day to day tasks.  See more in the article below.

Strengths Stats
Theory of Strengths

Rath, T. (2007). StrengthsFinder 2.0. New York: Gallup Press

Strengths Based Leadership

Individuals who spend their day working outside their talents, spend the day working against the natural grain

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How to “Step Forward” Using Your Amazing Gifts

All humans possess inborn talents – a naturally recurring pattern of how they think, feel and behave.  Because these talents come naturally, they are often overlooked as unique or distinct.  However, the more they are used and developed, the more they become strengths.

To “Step Forward” using your gifts, you first need to know what they are. Consider the following questions:

  • What have you always loved or wanted to do?
  • What do you do often impresses others?
  • When have you “rocked”?
  • What do you find comes easy for you? Easy to learn or do?
  • What do you get lost in? (Time passes quickly)
  • What accomplishments give you the great satisfaction?

Answering these questions will give you clues to your inborn talents and gifts.  Ask the people around you, who know you;

  • What do you think I am really good at?
  • What do you think makes me unique?
  • What do you think stands out about me?

Often others can see what we can’t.

Don’t overlook the value of having this same conversation with your team.  Give them the opportunity to consider the above questions and then use a team meeting or a private one-on-one meeting to share insights.

Leaders who learn to focus on strengths-based development over trying to fix weaknesses will reap the rewards of more engaged, more productive teams.

Gallup, Inc. survey concludes that employees who have the opportunity to work within their talents are six times more likely to be engaged and are 12.5% more productive.

On the contrary, employees who spend their day working outside of their talents spend their day working against the natural grain.

A few simple questions and a new outlook on strengths could make you a hero. GO BOLDLY AND BE AMAZING!

Dare to move from weakness-fixing to Strengths-Based development
Investing and focusing on employee talents increases productivity
employees 12.5% more productive when working within talents

How to get the right people in the right place?

Getting the right people in the right place may have more to do with “job crafting” than actually moving people into new positions.

Job crafting is the act of identifying employee’s talents, passions and motivations and identifying ways to aim those characteristics toward the jobs they do.  Ironically, there is evidence that employees have been doing this among themselves for years.  It is only recently that leaders have stepped into this idea.

What are the benefits of job crafting? Employees working within their talents, passion and motivations are:

 Employees are more satisfied and more productive at work when given the opportunity to do what they do best.

More likely to:

  • be engaged, energetic and enthusiastic at work
  • take on projects and put in extra hours
  • be more efficient and productive
  • stay with the company
  • work well with teammates
  • offer above average customer service
  • identify process and operational improvements

Less likely to:

  • engage in break room negativity
  • be tardy or absent from work
  • hate Monday mornings