12 Habits Strong Minded People Don’t Do

12 Habits Strong Minded People Don’t Do

12 strong minded habits that lead to successIf you are like me, you have read countless articles, magazines and books on how to keep your body physically strong (and of course that’s important). But… I have often said, “I wish using my brain and thinking hard would burn calories and count toward staying strong”. Although thinking hard does burn about 30 – 50 calories a day, better than that is… strong minded people live successful lives.

Here are 12 key habits strong minded people DON’T DO

1. Dwell On the Past
Spending time dwelling on the past is completely unproductive. It holds you back and prevents you from growing. Mentally strong people know that it’s a sign of strength to accept your past and move forward.

2. Resent Others’ Success
If you are confident in yourself, there is no reason to resent other people for theirs. Even if they are personally struggling, mentally strong people don’t let this stop them from celebrating with others.

3. Worry About Things They Can’t Control
You can spend your whole life worrying about things that you can’t change. Mentally strong people focus on the things they can control, and leave the rest to fate.

4. Give Up
There is no greater sign of weakness than giving up. It’s easy to give up. It takes no strength whatsoever to walk away from your dreams and say it’s too hard. Resilient people believe in themselves and know they have what it takes to make it.

5. Avoid Change
Change is unavoidable. People and circumstances change all the time. If you actively seek out new experiences, you will become adaptable. When you’re adaptable, you’ll be able to embrace the changes that come naturally. Mentally strong people know this.

6. Fear Alone Time
People who are mentally strong don’t fear being alone with their thoughts. They don’t fear silence or the lack of social attention. They are content with just being on their own.

7. Try to Please Everyone
It’s a simple fact that you can’t please everyone. People who are insecure feel the need to make other people like them. It’s a way for them to feel validation. Strong people know that the approval process begins within, so they stay true to themselves and don’t worry about pleasing everyone else.

8. Focus On Their Weaknesses
You cannot accomplish anything if you fixate on what you don’t have or what you aren’t good at. Mentally strong people focus on their strengths and use them to overcome their weaknesses. They don’t dwell on the challenge: they rise above it.

9. Avoid Advice from Others
Only foolish people think they know everything. Mentally strong people recognize that they don’t have all the answers, and they seek advice from people who can help them.

10. Blame Others for Their Failures
It’s easy to point to someone else when it’s time to lay blame. But this is a sign of weakness. Mentally strong people are able to accept that they sometimes mess up. They own up to their mistakes and don’t point the finger at others.

11. Feel Sorry for Themselves
Life is hard. Accept it. You will fail. You will experience rejection and pain. If you’re mentally strong, you’ll be able to see all the adversity as part of the big picture and look for the opportunity to learn from it.

12. Give Others Power Over Them
When you say that someone else caused you pain, you unwittingly hand over all of your power to that person. Own up to your own emotions and realize that you are in control of your own happiness.

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