Don’t Be Left Behind

Don’t Be Left Behind

Some 20 years before Tim LeHaye’s “Left Behind” series was published, a similar video version was shown at my summer youth Bible camp. It was not only eye opening, it was downright chilling. You can imagine it had an overwhelming effect on the number of youth who made decisions to change their lives at camp that year.

For years later, and quite frankly even today, if I find myself in a weird state, like my husband was there a few minutes ago and now he’s gone, my mind immediately races to…. OH NO! have I been left behind?

Although I am fairly certain, 99.9% – 100% certain, that none of us have been “Left Behind” as described in Tim LeHaye’s books or by the video shown at my youth Bible camp, we could be left behind in other ways.


Life is all about the journey

And each person’s journey is unique to them. The world is full of opportunities to grow, learn and become whatever it is we choose to become; personally, professionally and spiritually.

Regardless of each person’s unique journey, there is one absolute constant; there is no such thing as standing still. The world is moving (literally and figuratively) if you are not moving forward, you are being left behind as the world continues to evolve.

Stop for a moment and compare your today with your yesterday (or your last week, last month, last year). Stop and consider:

  • What do I know today that I did not know yesterday?
  • What new piece of information have I gained to improve my journey and share with others?
  • What have I discovered that makes my journey more interesting?
  • How am I moving forward?

Learning and growing from our experiences, failures and successes propels us forward in our unique journey.

Don’t just stand still, do something;

  1. Read an article on a subject of interest to you. Find one piece of information in that article that you can try or apply in your journey. Add it to your calendar as a reminder. Do it for at least 10 days.
  2. Consider your given talents. Discuss with your boss an opportunity to learn and try something new that will allow you to use your talents at work. This will not only move you forward personally, it could be a great professional move as well.
  3. Find a local class to learn something new; yoga, painting, pottery, growing herbs, etc. Learning something brand new can be rewarding and empowering.

I challenge you… Own your own success, control your own destiny, embrace your unique journey and most importantly, DO IT NOW… identify your “Next Best Step” and propel yourself forward.

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