Teetering Just Out Of Reach

Teetering Just Out Of Reach

Teetering out of reach

Work, life balance had teetered out of my reach for years.  I think it was my New Year’s resolution for about 10 years straight.

It wasn’t until I examined it from another point of view that I was able to make some headway.  My different point of view came from an article I read sometime back.  (sorry I can’t cite the reference or the author).  But the lesson I took away was:

Stop thinking work, life balance means you work from eight to five and then go home and live.  And if you’re working at night or on the weekend you are out of balance. If you have a job that seems all-consuming, find ways to incorporate life around your work.

Although I continue to work nights and weekends often, I have been practicing these two small changes for a few years and they have made a difference for me.

  1. Give myself the morning hours. Rather than waking up and clicking on the computer, I work to enjoy my morning time; my favorite time of the day.  It most often includes coffee, meditation, golf with the dog, a walk, maybe some laundry or another quick chore all before I allow myself to click on the computer or the news.
  2. Get my family time. My immediate family includes my husband and our dog, Rocco.  We are not overly active (except Rocco), but if we only ‘do’ when I am ready to put my computer (or book) away, we would never ‘do’ anything. Now, when my husband says, “Do you want to…”  I say, “Yes”.  I drop whatever I am doing to go to breakfast, take a walk, swim, play ball, etc.

I encourage you to stop thinking of balance like a teeter-totter; a perfect balance (or equal time) between work and home.  Instead, identify those things that are most important to you and take small steps to ensure they are incorporated into your day and life.

GO BOLDLY today and grab hold of the small things that make your life LARGE.


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