Whose job is it to clean the gutters?

Whose job is it to clean the gutters?


It wasn’t too long after purchasing our house that my husband and I, while relaxing on the back deck, noticed plants growing out of the gutters.  I remember saying, “Whose job do you think it is to clean the gutters?”  We both laughed because I was not trying to determine whose household chore it was, I was acknowledging yet another new home owner chore that we had not considered when buying our home.

That might be how you feel about professional learning.  “Whose job is it to make sure I get the training or development I need to grow my career?”

Most people think it’s their bosses job.  And in a perfect world, all employees would have a leader who supports and encourages professional growth, but sadly, it is more often the exception not the rule. It is up to you to OWN YOUR OWN SUCCESS!

It is so easy while happily employed to just relax and pay no attention to your professional growth.  Maybe you have weeds or cobwebs growing on your resume.  Now is the time, (while happily employed) to build your skills for future endeavors.

Here are just a few ways to dust off the cobwebs and get started regardless of whether your company will pay for it.

  1. Have a conversation with your boss and see what kind of support you can get
  2. Find a class, seminar or workshop in your area; Eventbrite.com is a great source
  3. Download audible books from your local library or Amazon – these are easy to listen to on your way to and from work, while your cleaning the car or waiting for kids get released from school
  4. Sign up for Google Alerts – automatically get articles on topics that interest you in your inbox

How do you know what to focus on? Search for jobs you might like to hold in the future.  Look at the skills required and identify what might be Your Next Best Step Forward.

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